The way the City has treated the marble arch of Inwood is a disgrace. They allowed a car wash to operate on the premises and paint over the marble with disgusting, cheap paint. There is also a ton of filthy graffiti to complete the barbaric effect. [ 4/14/2018 ]

There is always a day every April when the temperatures soar and seemingly every New Yorker is out in Central Park. This year, this magical day arrived on April 14th.

There are so many ways New York City is trying to kill its cyclists. How about allowing cars to park on bike lanes? Even better, why not park police trucks on it? You can also store stuff on bike lanes to make it more difficult for cyclists to get by. Finally, you can leave greenways unrepaired until they become unridable for anyone other than those who ride fat bikes with 4 inch tires that look like Mars rovers on two wheels.

This is astonishing! We have snow in April, and more is coming. So much for global warming...

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